Blinded by nostalgia

The world loves the VW Bus! For the last 70 years, the VW Bus has been THE cult vehicle and symbol for freedom, independence, and adventure on four wheels.

We, too, dreamed of owning a VW Bus for years! Of the trips we would take, the adventures we would live. Getting out into nature. Camping and forgetting the cares of the world 😁

Wait a second… did we just get lost in sentimentality? Feelings of nostalgia are known to shut down critical thinking. Love is blind, right? Did we really give in to nostalgia for the VW Bus??? 😕

Seeing a VW Bus never failed to fill our hearts with pure joy and longing for adventure. This is why a yellow Swiss post bus was prominently featured on our home page for years.

Until… well, until we finally took our rose colored glasses off… Remember things like environmental protection and emissions scandal (Dieselgate)? How come we continue to give the VW exposure? The VW Bus as poster child for fabulous? Can we continue to support such a thing? 😱😱😱 We can’t believe that we could be soooooooooooo blind. 😳 Especially since we questioned so many things in our lives and made so many important changes.

Go vegan and… go electric 😁

So… what would be the alternative? What would our ultimate new fabulous Swiss Post car look like? Well, anyone who knows us just a little will know that answer. 🙃 So, let’s fire up that graphics software and make our dream happen. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😍

And since we were already at it, we went ahead and replaced all our truck icons on the website with Teslas as well. 😂

If you want to be part of our vegan and electric adventures, you can do so at . We look forward to reading from you 😊😊😊

2 thoughts on “Blinded by nostalgia

  1. Vielleicht macht auch Tesla-Liebe etwas blind. Der CO2-Ausstoss während der Fahrt ist tatsächlich viel höher bei Benzin- und Dieselfahrzeugen. Aber das Fahren ist ja nur das Eine: Für die Herstellung der schweren Batterien und Co. werden hunderte von Kilos an seltenen Erden/ Metallen gebraucht. Der Abbau dieser endlichen Ressource ist alles andere als umwelt- und sozialverträglich. Es wird Kohlestrom verwendet, die Luft und das Wasser mit giftigen Stoffen verseucht und das Leben der Menschen in den Abbauländern zur Hölle gemacht. Die Entsorgung/ Recycling der Batterien ist ebenfalls noch weit von guten Lösungen entfernt. Und das nur, damit wir mit einem angeblich guten Gewissen rumkurven können. Arte hat dazu eine spannende Doku gemacht.

  2. This kind of thinking is very understandable and appreciated. But is the electric version really the desirable one? Is there already an acceptable solution of how to discard the old batteries without damaging again our environment??? Even if it is not so dangerous like atomic waste – it is still an obstacle in my mind for a clean world. Thank you for your kind response on my opinion.

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