Partnership with Swissveg

Swissveg Partner
Swissveg Partner

For many years, we have maintained a close partnership with Swissveg, the largest advocacy group for vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland. Since 1993, Swissveg (formerly SVV) has provided the most extensive information material on all topics related to a vegan lifestyle (animals, environment & health).

In November 2016, we took over their online Shop: Swissveg Shop. This means, that since then you can find all their brochures, flyers and merchandise about a plantbased diet aswell as lifestyle at our online shop FABULOUS! to easily satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

For fabulous! and for us personally, the cooperation with Swissveg is a huge enrichment. We are extremely proud and happy that, in addition to healthy and delicious vegan food, we can also offer a good serving of knowledge about the vegan lifestyle. YEAH!

Swissveg Card Partnership

Being a member of Swissveg not only benefits animals and the environment, but also your wallet: with the Swissveg Card, the membership card of Swissveg, you can save a lot on shopping, eating out, and on vacation.

Of course, fabulous! The Vegan Shop Switzerland is also a Swissveg Card partner

Swissveg members get a 10% discount on our entire selection*

Not a member yet? Join now: Swissveg membership

* Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Excludes specially-marked products.