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Binding Agents

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  • CHF 7.40
    Arrowroot Quick Binder Baking Organic, 200g Biovegan
    BioVegan Organic Arrowroot quick binder baking. Arrowroot is much appreciated by and very popular among allergy sufferers. It is a natural product obtained from the tropical arrowroot plant, purely vegetable and know for its viscosity, purity and qua [...]
    CHF 7.40


    • 5 available immediately
  • CHF 5.75
    Binding Agent Guar Gum Gluten Free Organic, 100g Biovegan
    Bio Vegan Guar gum is the perfect binder for cold food. Extracted from the guar bean particularly nutritious containing guar many carbs and protein structures. It is ideal for thickening cold jams, spreads, creams, sauces and more. BindeFIX pr [...]
    CHF 5.75


    • 5 available immediately
  • CHF 8.50
    Binding Agent Locust Bean Gum Gluten Free Organic, 100g Biovegan
    Bio Vegan Locust bean gum is the ideal thickener for your hot food. Whether desserts or sauces and soups - Biovegan BindeFIX hot food is tasteless and low in sodium. Of course, without the addition of yeast, celery, gluten, lactose and additives.
    CHF 8.50


    • 6 available immediately
  • CHF 3.70
    Potato Starch Gluten Free Organic, 250g Bauck
    Bauckhof Potato Starch is gluten free. It's ideal for baking, desserts, cremes, sauces and soups.
    CHF 3.70


    • 8 available immediately
  • CHF 7.10
    Xanthan Gluten Free, 60g Nature & Cie
    NATURE ET CIE Xanthan Gluten Free The xanthan gum is a vegetable-derived binding agent. It improves crum structure in gluten free baking. Usage: 1 teaspoon xanthan gum in 500g gluten free flour
    CHF 7.10


    • 4 available immediately
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