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About us

About fabulous! Vegan Shop Switzerland

fabulous! The Vegan Shop Switzerland

Vegan – It's fabulous, darling ;-)

More and more people are becoming vegan these days in order to be more healthy, care for the animals and the enviroment. Some wish to eat food more conciously, change their lives, maybe loose some weight and some perhaps just want to try something new or are laktose intolerant.

No-one was born Vegan. For all of us it was a concious decision at a certain time in our lives. With fabulous! Vegan Shop we want to be here for you in every step of the way – no matter in which process you currently find yourself in: Parttime-Veggie, Vegetarian or Vegan. In our fabulous! Vegan Shop we provide everything for everyone. Whether you have just discovered the Vegan Lifestyle or have been living it for decades.

Our requirements of our vegan products are very clear:
vegan Non-GMO cholesterol free lactose free and wherever possible of course organic & palm oil free (wherever possible) ;-)

Fabulous! Inspires and shows: Going Vegan is easy and a lot of fun! We are very happy to have found a means to bring the Vegan Lifestyle closer to everyone and are excited to meet many new inspired and fabulous customers. Vegan – It's fabulous, darling ;-)

About us

Our Planet, our Enviroment and our animal friends are very important to us. We have the intention to raise awareness, share knowledge and to take action in order for people, nature and animals to thrive in harmony. It is our goal to make a difference with and through our work every single day. We have therefore also committed ourselves to donate some of the proceeds to non-profit organizations and support projects, that are close to our hearts.

A Look Back...

After several strokes of fate, the two founders of, Sunci & Fab Syz, woke up with a big bang in 2011 and started to question everything they had been used to in their lives. Documentaries, such as Earthling and Taste the Waste, triggered a veritable avalanche in her life... First they transitioned from occasional meat eaters to vegetarians and then quickly concluded that the only way to live in harmony with our animal friends and the enviroment was to take the last step and become vegan. And so the idea for the vegan shop fabulous! was quickly born. Since then, they have put an incredible amount of heart and soul into their work. They loved trying out new products, working out new recipes and being able to give something back to the animals and nature through their more conscious actions. You can find many of their posts and experiences on our blog Behind the scenes.

In the spring of 2023, Fab and Sunci officially handed over their «fabulous baby» to the new management team, namely Stefan Rot and Andreas Hostettler.

Since then, Angelika and Sarah have been responsible for the management of the online shop. Together with the hard-working and experienced staff members they do their best every day to make customers happy and to facilitate a plant-based lifestyle for like-minded people. We are happy and proud to be able to continue this important legacy for our environment. :-)

Introducing the team
Online Shop Manager
❤ very fond of dogs and animals in general
❤ likes to cook without a recipe, and often it turns into a new favourite recipe.

Favourite quote:
„The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste of music is your face.“ - Song: Tear in my Heart, Twenty One Pilots

Favourite recipe:
Mie noodles with planted.chicken and broccoli in peanut sauce
Assistant Online Shop Manager
❤ prefers to have her hands in the soil in the garden
❤ Prefer to be cooked for than to cook for yourself

Favourite quote:
"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." - Zen Shin.

Favourite recipe:
Homemade pumpkin tortellini with béchamel sauce =)
Employee warehouse / goods management
❤ interested in everything creative
❤ Self-sufficient camping, cooking outside
❤ I'm always drawn to the far north

Favourite quote:
If you love what you have, you have everything you need.

Favourite recipe:
homemade pizza
Employee warehouse / goods management
❤ I like being in nature
❤ I enjoy sewing

Favourite quote:
"Even with stones placed in your path, you can build something beautiful." -J.W.v. Goethe

Favourite recipe:
Anything with aspargus :)
Office Buddy
❤ always looks forward to her snack after her lunchtime walk
❤ loves Peanutbutter

Favorite quote:
"well done, Sunny!"

Favorite recipe:
All vegan treats from our range.

fabulous & swissveg - Satisfy your thirst for knowledge


Swissveg is the largest advocacy group for vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland. For more than 30 years, Swissveg has been distributing the most comprehensive information material on all topics of the vegan lifestyle (animals, environment & health).

In November 2016, we took over the Swissveg Shop. You can find all the brochures and flyers you need to satisfy your hunger for knowledge in the fabulous! Vegan Shop.

For fabulous! and for us personally, the cooperation with Swissveg is an enormous enrichment. The fact that we can now provide a good portion of knowledge in addition to healthy and delicious vegan food fills us with great pride and joy..

Swissveg members receive an additional 10% discount on the entire range. Not yet a member? Register now: Swissveg Membership