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About us

About fabulous! Vegan Shop Switzerland

fabulous! Der Vegan Shop Schweiz

More and more people are becoming vegan these days in order to be more healthy, care for the animals and the enviroment. Some wish to eat food more conciously, change their lives, maybe loose some weight and some perhaps just want to try something new or are laktose intolerant.

No-one was born Vegan. For all of us it was a concious decision at a certain time in our lives. With fabulous! Vegan Shop we want to be here for you in every step of the way – no matter in which process you currently find yourself in: Parttime-Veggie, Vegetarian or Vegan. In our fabulous! Vegan Shop we provide everything for everyone. Whether you have just discovered the Vegan Lifestyle or have been living it for decades.

Back in 2012 we discovered our passion for the Vegan Lifestyle. We are since living it with all our Heart and Soul. We love trying out new vegan products, play around with recipes and we love the fact, that through our concious effort we are able to give something back to our animal friends and nature.

Our requirements of our vegan products are very clear:
vegan Non-GMO cholesterol free lactose free and wherever possible of course organic & palm oil free (wherever possible) ;-)

Fabulous! Inspires and shows: Going Vegan is easy and a lot of fun! We are very happy to have found a means to bring the Vegan Lifestyle closer to everyone and are excited to meet many new inspired and fabulous customers. Vegan – It's fabulous, darling ;-)

About us

sunci und fab syz mit fabulous vegan shop maskottchen corky

Fab (left) and Sunci (right) and Shop Mascot Corky
Since 1997 we are the same Passion, the same goals and the same values.

Our Planet, our Enviroment and our animal friends are very important to us. We have the intention to raise awareness, share knowledge and to take action in order for people, nature and animals to thrive in harmony. It is our goal to make a difference with and through our work every single day. We have therefore also committed ourselves to donate some of the proceeds to non-profit organizations and support projects, that are close to our hearts.

A Look Back....

2011 we woke up..... And then it all went very fast. Sort of with full throttle out from the Illusion of Reality. First we transitioned from occasional meat eaters to vegetarians and then quickly concluded that the only way to live in harmony with our animal friends and the enviroment was to take the last step and become vegan. Through our new concious awareness we not only removed bottled water from our shopping list, we also changed our habit from buying food from discounters to buying only regional food, then to buying only organic food and last but not least started our own little urban garden, where we plant our own veg as much as possible. We also literally got rid of all baggage, decided to stop exposing our minds to the mass-media, re-invented and renamed our company and launched with new enthusiasm, new values and new ideas... all this within just one short year.

The fabulous! Vegan Shop is just another small step to add our two cents for a better world. We thank you, for being a part of it :-)

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Yours truly,
Sunci & Fab Syz
fabulous! Vegan Shop Switzerland