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Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate Organic, 0,5l

  • Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate Organic, 0,5l
Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate Organic, 0,5l

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Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate Organic, 0,5l

Organic Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate is suitable for: Windows, mirrors, glass plates, tables
TV screens, computer monitors (not suitable for plasma screens), Varnished furniture, epoxy furniture, tiles
Car-consoles and as a car windscreen wash

When spraying, please keep the bottle a distance of 40cm (18ins) away from the surface. For heavy stains, pre-clean area with a dampened cloth before applying spray. Leave for 2 minutes then rub in and wipe dry with a dry cloth to obtain a streak free shine. If stains remain, a second application may be required.

In case of very hot surfaces (e.g. car window-screens in summer) dilute Alma Win Glass & Window Cleaner Concentrate with 1 part water, 2 parts glass cleaner.

Organic - Suitable for vegans - Natural - Ecofriendly


Alcohol, Saccharoidal surfactants, Water


Environmentally friendly cleanliness in harmony with man and nature

For 20 years, officially registered in 1993, we have been developing and producing Ecological Washing and Cleaning Products, to fulfil the demands of environmental and health conscious consumers, with great respect to the sensitive demands of nature. With this basis we create products with high standards of dermatology and degradability. What sets AlmaWin apart from others is a high level of ecological product quality, including high efficiency compared to conventional products, shown by the German magazine "Ökotest" which tested some AlmaWin products awarding them with "Good" and "Very Good" during the last years. Inform yourself about our competence of ecological development, our spirit of innovation, carefully selected raw materials of natural and organic cultivation, combined with the need of sensitive skin as our daily philosophy - being in harmony with man and nature.

GMO Statement

The 7 essential advantages of AlmaWin 1. Complete product system for sensitive skin 2. Successfully tested - dermatologically recommendable 3. Independent control by Certisys offers high ecological product quality 4. Gentle to the skin, recommended for allergic persons 5. Ingredients fully declared, free of GMO 6. Easily degradable raw materials from organic and natural cultivation 7. Quality concentrates with outstanding washing and cleaning power