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.★ Animal Eden - THE CALENDAR 2021

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.★ Animal Eden - THE CALENDAR 2021

Animal Eden - THE CALENDAR 2021- Hunky guys set an example against animal testing

The International Animal Welfare Association Animal Eden with headquarters in Grossensee / Hamburg and all involved companies and private persons set with the production of this calendar a clear signal against animal experiments.

Variety boys: beautiful men take a stand against animal testing

The international animal welfare association Animal Eden e.V. and all participating companies have been sending a clear signal against animal experiments with the production of their calendars since 2019.

The calendar project 2021 is about "Varieté Boys:
Beautiful men take a stand against animal testing ”! and was photographed in the legendary Wintergarten Varieté Berlin in the style of the 1920s by the popular scene photographer Julia Werner. Our calendar shows a world of wonder, beauty and equality of human and animal life. We are particularly proud to dedicate our cover picture to the former Laborbeagle bitch Flocke, as well as to show the topic of old and handicapped dogs in a stylish and meaningful way.

The entire proceeds go to the supply of animal testing victims - not just the LPT! A reintegration into the society, animal psychological care and simply places of life are financed by the proceeds.

fabulous supports this action from the heart <3 The entire sales proceeds benefit the animals!

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Animal Eden

Animal Eden

(Translated by Google) THE ASSOCIATION ANIMAL EDEN FOR A LIFE IN LOVE AND RESPECT WITH OUR ANIMALS The philosophy of the association Animal Eden is to create a Garden of Eden, a paradise garden for the coexistence of animals and humans, in which they can exist in love and respect with each other. We have a responsibility to protect, protect and care for wildlife. We see animals as soulful, sentient beings and each one of them as perfect and unique. From this point of view for us humans and animals are equivalent, that means that our animal protection projects, the animal mediation and the life care for animals out of deep respect and compassion for the animal happens and that the animal with its rights is always in the foreground. Animal Eden was founded by German animal friends who express their love for the animals through active help.