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Animal Eden - THE DESK CALENDAR with wooden stand 2022

  • Animal Eden - THE DESK CALENDAR with wooden stand 2022
Animal Eden - THE DESK CALENDAR with wooden stand 2022
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Animal Eden - THE DESK CALENDAR with wooden stand 2022

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Animal Eden - THE DESK CALENDAR with wooden stand 2022

Animal Eden - The Desk Calendar 2022 with wooden stand| Beautiful women take a stand against animal testing

The international animal welfare association Animal Eden e.V. and all participating companies have been sending a clear signal against animal experiments with the production of their calendars since 2019.

This calendar is dedicated to the wonderful relationship between women and dogs. We want to show the many facets of women who (almost) always undress on our calendar.

Our beauties pull naked to equate their vulnerability and the preciousness of life with that of the dog. The clothes that protect our nakedness are omitted in order to take the barrier between humans and animals. You see our models as angels for animals, swirled around in the dance with mascarpone the pug, at eye level or in play as best friends.

The images are defined by the equivalence between all living beings that arises when we drop our masks and allow ourselves to love uncompromisingly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our animal and human models, the great team, our many sponsors, who, like every year, are definitely behind us and make this project possible in the first place.

Thanks to our brave, wonderful models who show themselves in all their beauty for the project. Thanks to our fantastic photographer and his team who made the artistic implementation possible.

Our special thanks go to Luna and Pepsi: the former lab beagles can be seen with our model Teresa and had a lot of fun on set, a nice proof of how useful it is to help lab animals. supports this project. The entire proceeds will go to Animal Eden.

Desk calendar DIN A6 portrait format 10.3cm x 14.8 cm,
14 cards, glossy picture printing, 250 grams of paper
In beech wood stand, dimensions approx. 10.6 x 3.2 x 2 cm

European Manufacturer

Animal Eden

Animal Eden(Translated by Google) THE ASSOCIATION ANIMAL EDEN FOR A LIFE IN LOVE AND RESPECT WITH OUR ANIMALS The philosophy of the association Animal Eden is to create a Garden of Eden, a paradise garden for the coexistence of animals and humans, in which they can exist in love and respect with each other. We have a responsibility to protect, protect and care for wildlife. We see animals as soulful, sentient beings and each one of them as perfect and unique. From this point of view for us humans and animals are equivalent, that means that our animal protection projects, the animal mediation and the life care for animals out of deep respect and compassion for the animal happens and that the animal with its rights is always in the foreground. Animal Eden was founded by German animal friends who express their love for the animals through active help.
Available immediately!
9 available immediately