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Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs

  • Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
  • Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
  • Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs
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Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs

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Vegan Dental Floss PLA Corn Starch, 1pcs

PLA Corn Starch Floss by Bambaw

» 1 x 50 meters
» Including dispenser
» Compostable floss
» Reusable stainless steel container

Take care of your teeth and the Planet with this compostable floss. Stainless steel dispenser you can refill a lifetime.

The package includes two vegan dental floss coils based on corn. You can reuse the dispenser for a long time and simply refill with a new eco-friendly dental floss whenever needed.

Corn Based Vegan Dental Floss Coils

This vegan dental floss is compostable in an industrial compost. It is made from a corn-based plastic (PLA). The bioplastic is as strong as traditional plastic, but it is made from renewable resources.

The 50 meters long, eco-friendly dental floss refills made of corn starch is coated with candelilla wax and it has a refreshing peppermint touch. 50 meters of floss is enough for 200 flosses.


Floss dispensers are usually made of glass which eventually ends up broken on the floor. With this stainless-steel dispenser, you are good to go for life. On top of this, stainless-steel is one of the world's most recycled material. Indeed, 60% of the new stainless-steel production comes from recycled material..

The corned based PLA is compostable in industrial compost. This means it is not made of petrol plastic and can easily degrade if matched with the right conditions.

Candelilla wax
A vegetable wax extracted by boiling the plant. It is a non-gelling thickener and film former with protecting properties and making it the perfect wax to lubricate the floss and enable it to slide through teeth easily.
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Available immediately!
>15 available immediately