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Bamboo Tooth Brush Medium GREEN Hydrophil Organic

  • Bamboo Tooth Brush Medium GREEN Hydrophil Organic
Bamboo Tooth Brush Medium GREEN Hydrophil Organic
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Bamboo Tooth Brush Medium GREEN Hydrophil Organic

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V-Label of the European Vegetarian Union
All products in our fabulous! Shop are vegan, lactose-free and manufactured without GMO.

Bamboo Tooth Brush Medium GREEN Hydrophil Organic

Sustainable toothbrush // GREEN from Hydrophil.

» Medium-soft
» Color: Green
» Bamboo
» Eco-Friendly & 100% Vegan

Actually, all of our Hydrophil toothbrushes are green, but this one is even showing it with its colour. Due to its handle made of rapidly growing bamboo and the bristles made of Nylon, it can do without BPA, is naturally vegan and hence a real asset to our daily dental care and to our environment.

The medium-soft bristles lend our toothbrush perfect cleansing qualities and are gentle to the gum. The perfect care for the environmentally conscious scene.

Our environment is beautiful. Whoever is looking at it in all its facets must come to the conclusion that responsibility and beauty must not expulse each other. Our sustainable toothbrush in azure-blue does not only look extremely good but is also good for your plasticarian footprint. The handle is made of fast growing bamboo while the bristles consist of Nylon. Thus, you can dispose of your BPA-free, 100% vegan bamboo toothbrush without any bad conscience.

The toothbrushes’ medium-soft bristles offer the perfect mix for thorough cleansing of your teeth and the protection of your gum. As the bristles wear off through frequent usage, we recommend changing your brush every three months.

Product Details
EAN 4260397790045
Container size 12

European Manufacturer


Hydrophil(translated by google) Water-neutral means for us that the products become water prepared carefully: We use natural ingredients grown without irrigation, as. e.g. Bamboo. In addition, we use only those colors that are produced without mineral oils or other chemical additives and thus leave no residues in drinking water and groundwater in composting. We want to create through our actions and unnecessary suffering in the world. Therefore our products contain no animal products and are not tested on animals. Our products are made by the bank fairtrade, fair labor deserves a fair reward. Basta!
Available immediately!
11 available immediately