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Powder Brush Color Edition, 1 pcs

  • Powder Brush Color Edition, 1 pcs
Powder Brush Color Edition, 1 pcs
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Powder Brush Color Edition, 1 pcs

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Powder Brush Color Edition, 1 pcs

benecos Powder Brush Color Edition is soft and fluffy helping to create an even application of your favourite make up powder.

» Length: 18,5 cm
» Suitable for vegans and anyone who's allergic to pet hair.

Product Details
Filling Quantity 1 piece
EAN 4260198094489
Container size 100

European Manufacturer


benecos(translated by google)
Everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our body. For many substances in conventional cosmetics even a health burden is not excluded. Therefore, we should use cosmetics in which only ingredients are used that do not strain the body. This is our opinion only possible with substances such as the human body is: of course. Vegetable oils and waxes - how they are used in benecos products - have to support a composition that is similar to the sebum and the natural regulation processes of the skin by their different active components from the inside out. They are skin-friendly and contribute to the building of the natural protective film, environmentally degradable and ultimately the environment and conserve resources. Contain BDIH certified benecos products guaranteed no mineral oils and their derivatives / silicones / parabens / synthetic emulsifiers and their derivatives (PEG / PEG) derivatives / synthetic colors, and fragrances. These materials do not belong in natural cosmetics! benecos so with the assurance of using a natural product with good ingredients (wherever it is possible on the basis of certified organic ingredients). Your skin will be pampered by pleasant and uncomplicated! We opted for natural cosmetics, because we reject the modes of action of ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Conventional cosmetics often contain ingredients such as mineral oils, paraffins and silicones, which are also not approved for certified natural cosmetics and a high-quality natural cosmetics do not need! Benecos does not test on animals or sold in China.
Available immediately!
2 available immediately