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Benevo Chew Sticks Spinach / Kale Pawtato Sticks, 120g

  • Benevo Chew Sticks Spinach / Kale Pawtato Sticks, 120g
Benevo Chew Sticks Spinach / Kale Pawtato Sticks, 120g

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Benevo Chew Sticks Spinach / Kale Pawtato Sticks, 120g

Benevo’s Pawtato Veggie Chew Sticks - Your dog will love them!

Benevo’s Pawtato sticks are made sweet potatoe & Rice with a spinach and kale filling - a natural super-food, full of nutrients.

Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved.

» No GM Ingredients
» Organically Grown Sweet Potato
» Soya-free Recipe
» Wheat-free Recipe
» Only Natural Colours and Flavours

Complementary feed for dogs.


Sweet Potato Flour (48%), Cornstarch, Rice Flour (25%), Vegetable Glycerin, vegetable powder (0,5%), Potassium Sorbate.


Benevo is an independent producer of cruelty-free, vegetarian pet food, based in the UK.

Benevo Dog food has wheat-free formula, made from only quality ingredients, with a certified organic version too, helping to give your dog a healthy life with all the nutrition they need.

Benevo Cat food is the first UK produced meat-free food for cats, made from quality ingredients and fortified with essential ingredients, like Taurine, that cats need to stay fit and healthy.

GMO Statement

Approved by the Vegetarian Society UK, our pet foods are free from artificial colours, GMO’s, animal by-products and deratives.