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Workhorse Power-Mix with Maca, Guarana and more Organic, 100g

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Workhorse Power-Mix with Maca, Guarana and more Organic, 100g

Workhorse Power-Mix with Maca, Guarana and more from Berlin Organics.

The superfood mix "workhorse" with caffeinated guarana is just the thing for everyone who has a lot to do.

» With guarana seed powder
» With hemp
» With maca powder

Usage Superfood Power Mix Workhorse < b>
Stir 2 teaspoons of "Saubermann" Superfood mixture into 200 ml of liquid (for example, vegetable drinks or juice), puree in the smoothie or to serve with food, such as muesli.

This superfoof contains caffeine and is therefore not recommended for children and pregnant women (caffeine content 225mg per 100g, 11mg per serving).


Hemp protein * (50%), coconut blossom sugar *, maca powder * (10%), lucum powder *, guarana seed powder * (5%),
* controlled organic farming

Allergy Information
not included: gluten, mollusc, cow's milk protein, lactose, milk protein
Nutritional values per
Energy value 1538 kJ / 368 kcal
Total Fat 7,6 g
- Saturated Fat 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 43,6 g
- of which sugar 29 g
Fibre 11,5 g
Protein 27,5 g
Salt 0,2 g
Berlin Organics

Berlin Organics

(Translated by Google) Healthy diet should be easy and fit the lifestyle According to the motto "You are what you eat!" Every person has responsibility for himself and his health. At Berlin Organics we believe that our diet has a huge impact on our short-term and long-term well-being and our physical and mental performance. However, eating properly is more difficult than ever. Rules, commandments, prohibitions, advices, hints, reminders, and your own bad conscience are coming from everywhere. When it comes to nutrition, we feel not only overwhelmed, but also unsettled. With every new diet and diet, new rules or advice are added. And everyone has friends or circle of friends supporters of a particular nutritional philosophy. At Berlin Organics, we conceive and produce foods with which we can meaningfully enrich our daily diet. Our products can help to achieve personal goals. For example, our vegan multicomponent protein blends help with muscle growth, while our organic slimming shake "Slim" helps you achieve your dream figure. The products of Berlin Organics are not remedies or medicines. It is food. We use only plant-based raw materials that have a long history of use in human nutrition. Behind Berlin Organics stands a team of people with different professional backgrounds. Economists, nutritionists and Oecotrophologen have been dealing with the topic of nutrition and herbal supplementation for many years.