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Organic Drinking Straws without plastic PLA Bag 15cm, 50 pcs

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Organic Drinking Straws without plastic PLA Bag 15cm, 50 pcs

Organic Drinking Straws without plastic

» Length: 15cm
» Content: 50 Pieces

*PLA = Polylactic acid, a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (in this case corn)

The Problem with Plastic - Time to Change
The impact of the plastic tide is pervasive. Increasing evidence shows how quickly our oceans are becoming swamped. From clogging the deepest depths before we have even explored them, to starving the birds that soar above the ocean surface, this is a problem that affects all marine life. But it also has increasing impact on human life too, from toxicity to rising economic costs.

Increasing numbers of marine animals die each year through starvation due to eating plastic that stays in their stomach making them feel full. Not only does this affect marine life, but even birds too! A paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences estimates that 90% of seabirds carry around 10% of their body weight in plastics - a similar proportion to airline hand luggage allowance for humans. This figure is expected to increase to 99% by 2050. In addition to this many marine animals also die through entanglement with marine litter debris such as discarded ropes and nets.



(Translated by Google) HONESTY AND RELIABILITY ARE FOR US (A) HONORING !? From controlled organic, local cultivation - Our philosophy Already 2,000 years ago, the philosopher and stoic Seneca recognized the importance: credibility depends on reconciling words and actions, that is our philosophy. Since we are aware of the universal principle of cause and effect, we strive to preserve the natural life cycle of straws: from sowing to growing - from harvest to processing! Satisfied customers all over the world enjoy our products today - but please convince yourself! We at Bio-Strohhalme.com have internalized this attitude. In addition to ecological and sustainable production, we work together with producers and farmers who also follow strict organic criteria and actively support us in producing a high-quality natural product. Because plastic destroys our world Therefore, we support with our donations the non-profit organization in the USA, led and organized by the University TEXAS A & M with the doctoral candidate Ph. D. Christine Figgener (from Würzburg), who looks after the sea turtles. And that's another reason why we offer alternatives with our ecological drinking straws, trying to make a small contribution towards a cleaner world.