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*DISCOUNT: Slightly Defective Goods* Eschenfelder Set of 3 Sprouting / Germination Glass Jar 1 Liter

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*DISCOUNT: Slightly Defective Goods* Eschenfelder Set of 3 Sprouting / Germination Glass Jar 1 Liter

Set of 3 Glass germination and drainer - Eschenfelder

*DISCOUNT: Slightly Defective Goods*
Reason: Box damaged during transportation (content is in perfect condition)

3 glass sprouting jar with stainless steel rack and glazed ceramic drip tray.

Practical, efficient, fast and easy, thanks to screw stainless steel lid system for germination.

1 Liter

A set of 3 glasses with their germination medium stainless steel drainer and ceramic. For better drainage and aeration excellent. Materials eliminates mould problems, bacteria and odours

With stainless steel holder, your sporuting jars have excellent drainage and very good ventilation since this support keeps germois in a good position.

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(Translated by Google) From the inventor to the manufacturer of useful kitchen appliances Frank Eschenfelder, machinist and Dipl.-Ing. for electrical engineering in Kaiserslautern, 31 years ago, came up with an idea for a life's work: to develop a device with which you could squeeze fresh flakes yourself. So far, there was no such device to buy. At his friend Christian Kuhtz, today a well-known eco-inventor and pioneer, he had seen a homemade muesli squeeze. His fascination with being able to squeeze fresh flakes on a daily basis led to the birth of the company Eschenfelder in 1988. In the garage of his parents in Kaiserslautern and in cooperation with the handicapped workshop of the Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim, Frank Eschenfelder developed the original model in many experiments and experiments to series maturity.