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Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder

  • Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder
  • Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder
Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder
Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder

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Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder

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Grain Flaker with Wood Funnel Eschenfelder

Eschenfelder Grain Flaker with wood funnel - Fresh flakes in no time at all.

Grain Flaker has been developed for a healthy nutrition and in consideration of ecological principle. The Grain Flaker should have a permanent place in your kitchen.

With the Eschenfelder Grain Flakeryou can flake any grains, except corn, even moist grains like f.e. wheat sprouts (please mind to let these trickle one after the other). Due to the steel rollers, oily seeds like poppy seeds, linseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds can also be flaked, as well as spices like anise, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, mustard seeds, cardamom, coriander etc. Even chopped nuts, dried herbs, lentils and little pieces of dried fruits, f.e. raisins mixed with grains, can be flaked.

Technical details of the Grain Flaker

  • Flaking mechanism: Two stainless steel rollers nickel free, no gear drive necessary
  • Case: Solid domestic beech wood, treated with organic linseed oil
  • Funnel: Beech wood (removable)
  • Output: One dish cereals (50g) in approx. 20 second
  • Texture of flakes: Precision adjustment. Flour is made by flaking several times
  • Flaking material: Any grains except corn, dry or moist, oily seeds, spices, leguminous plants and many more.
  • Hopper capacity: approx. 7 Oz
  • Measurements: Heights 24cm, Width 12cm. Depth 24cm (incl. handle)
  • Screw clamp: Table boards up to 5cm thickness. Protruding depth min. 4cm.

Product Details
EAN 4046503151104
Eschenfelder(Translated by Google) From the inventor to the manufacturer of useful kitchen appliances Frank Eschenfelder, machinist and Dipl.-Ing. for electrical engineering in Kaiserslautern, 31 years ago, came up with an idea for a life's work: to develop a device with which you could squeeze fresh flakes yourself. So far, there was no such device to buy. At his friend Christian Kuhtz, today a well-known eco-inventor and pioneer, he had seen a homemade muesli squeeze. His fascination with being able to squeeze fresh flakes on a daily basis led to the birth of the company Eschenfelder in 1988. In the garage of his parents in Kaiserslautern and in cooperation with the handicapped workshop of the Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim, Frank Eschenfelder developed the original model in many experiments and experiments to series maturity.
Available immediately!
1 available immediately