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Tooth Mug for Kids Walrus, 1pcs

CHF 7.90


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Tooth Mug for Kids Walrus, 1pcs

Tooth Mug for Kids Walrus from Hydrophil.

Plasticfree toothbrush-holder made from liquid wood.

» Food Safe
» Plastic Free
» BPA Free
» 0,25 Liter



(translated by google) Water-neutral means for us that the products become water prepared carefully: We use natural ingredients grown without irrigation, as. e.g. Bamboo. In addition, we use only those colors that are produced without mineral oils or other chemical additives and thus leave no residues in drinking water and groundwater in composting. We want to create through our actions and unnecessary suffering in the world. Therefore our products contain no animal products and are not tested on animals. Our products are made by the bank fairtrade, fair labor deserves a fair reward. Basta!