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Water Distiller

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  • New
    CHF 169.00
    Drinking water analysis
    Wie sauber ist dein Trinkwasser? Welchen Gehalt an Mineralien hat dein Leitungswasser? Mit unserem Testset für die Trinkwasseranalyse werden diese Fragen schnell und einfach beantwortet. Einfach Röhrchen nach Anleitung mit Leitungswasser füllen, e [...]
    CHF 169.00


    • >15 available immediately
  • New
    CHF 329.00
    Waterwise Countertop Destiller BPA-free
    Waterwise Countertop Destiller BPA-free - Distilled Water for you and your Family’s Health Vapor distillation, a form of water purification, is recognized by scientists and leading health practitioners as being the best method for removing harmful [...]
    CHF 329.00


    • 5 available immediately
    • Additional 2 items have been ordered from our distributor and are expected to be ready for shipping on 22.06. - 24.06.
  • CHF 39.00
    Waterwise replacement carbon filters with housing 6 pieces
    Waterwise replacement carbon filters with housing 6 pieces
    CHF 39.00


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