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Chilled Packaging

  • As of CHF 3.50
  • Return the cooling elements for free - as of your 10th cooling order

We our vegan food and we know you do too :-) This is why we use chilled packaging for fresh products.Cooling elements protect cooled products against the outside temperature influence and during the transport prevent the goods from warming.


The costs for the chilled shipping service are per delivery, additional to the standard shipping costs.

  • Small chilled shipping (up to 5 items) CHF 3.50
  • Large chilled shipping (6 and more items) CHF 5.00

Of course you can send these cool bags and elements back to us. With your 10th chilled order, you will automatically receive a postal return slip, so that you can return the cooling elements back to us for free. This way we can re-use them and help the enviroment together with you.

Please collect all bags and cooling elements and return a MINIMUM of 10 bags and elements back to us.

Cooling Elements and Bags

The chilled packaging delays the products from getting warm the most effectiv. However, it does not replace a fridge. This is why - despite these precautionary measures – the chilled packaging option does NOT GUARANTEE a chilled Service.


The shipping of fresh products without chilled shipping service is at your own risk.

When choosing to have your fresh products shipped without chilled shipping service, all claims for possible loss of quality and/or shortened BBD (especially all fresh products marked as "sensible") are excluded.

* All fresh products are marked specifically.