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Bag for Onions made from Jute

  • Bag for Onions made from Jute
Bag for Onions made from Jute


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Bag for Onions made from Jute

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Bag for Onions made from Jute

Onion Bag made from Jute - stylish, convenient and functional.

These Onion bags ensure that your onions are getting a sufficient amount of darkness and air to keep them fresh and flavorfull for longer.

» Measures: ca. 27,5 x 38 cm
» Content: ca. 5kg
» Color : beige
» Material: Jute with dark fleece on the inside (vegan)

Product Details
EAN 4040443001284
zielonka(Translated by Google) Zielonka Wohnen & Leben GmbH sustainable stylish - sustainable practical - sustainable clear. Since its 10th anniversary, Zielonka Wohnen & Leben GmbH has been committed to an environmentally conscious and ecologically valuable product strategy. For this reason, the Solinger developed an eco-label especially for the products they produced or marketed. "Environmental protection and innovation are the greatest challenges in times of climate change and resource constraints," says Dirk Zielonka, Managing Director of the Solingen company. "Sustainability is not the only obstacle to economic success. Because the consideration for ecological aspects opens up possibilities for the future. " This is exemplified by the silicone products obtained from quartz sand around Zielonka Wohnen & Leben GmbH, which are both recyclable and energetically recyclable and ecologically recyclable. For the end customer, the fantastic properties such as food-safe, dishwasher safe, microwave-safe and health-friendly are absolutely safe. And always with: Strong colors. Clear lines. Trendy styles. Or the fresh bag from completely biodegradable jute, for potatoes, onions and garlic. The vegetables are optimally protected from light and thus from germination. The consumer finds the Zielonka Aladdin products, which are all made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. The insulating lotus pocket of Aladdin is an example. Retained PET bottles are spun into filaments from which the outer material of the lotus pockets is woven. Thus, tons of plastic waste are avoided. Each bag has an additional, insulated, PVC-free material. In this externally accessible compartment, beverage bottles can be kept cool in summer or warm in winter. Not to forget, the Zielonka classic: the smell killer for all living conditions! The Zielonka odor killer is made from a special stainless steel alloy. It neutralizes odors associated with water and oxygen. The indestructible Langleber is not seen to be effective, but the air is tested, actually and in more than 60 million households, without any chemical or other additives fresh and pure; in the shoe, in the dishwasher, in the car, in the bath, and, and, and ... It is no longer eco-friendly!
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