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    CHF 7.65
    CHF 8.50 -10%
    *DISCOUNT: BBD 07.09.18* Pakka Almonds roasted, with sea salt Organic 100g Pakka
    DISCOUNT: Product approaches sell-by date 07.09.18Pakka Organic Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt. These cinnamon-skinned almonds come from sunny Palestine. Each spring, the sweet, wafting perfume of the almond flowers awakes the full, aromatic flavou [...]
    CHF 7.65
    CHF 8.50 -10%


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  • CHF 7.90
    Pakka Roasted Cashew with sea salt Organic, 100g Pakka
    Pakka roasted Organic Cashew with Sea Salt. These cashews grow in India. The nuts are hand-processed in the truest sense of the expression, all the way from the tree to the packaging: hand-picked, hand-shelled, and hand-sorted, all with the greate [...]
    CHF 7.90


    • 4 available immediately
  • CHF 1.00
    Pakka Roasted Peanuts with Salt Organic, 35g Pakka
    Organic & fairtrade peanuts roasted with salt from Pakka. Our peanuts come from the Chinese province of Shandong. They are planted in April and the farmers can harvest them as early as September. Hand sorting ensures that only the very best nuts a [...]
    CHF 1.00


    • 4 available immediately
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