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Payment Methods

We offer various payment options.

All data transfer are handled over a secure SSL connection.

Our Bank Details:

Postal Account Details:
Recipient : fabulous! Vegan Shop GmbH, Oberebenestrasse 21, 5620 Bremgarten
Account Number: 87-457002-4
IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 8745 7002 4
Subject: Please include your order number - Otherwise your delivery may get delayed

International Payments

no revolut

Please DO NOT use international Money Transfer Services such as Revolut as an additional transaction fees are being charged by the bank per transaction and therefore we do not receive the full amount due.

Bear in mind, that the sender of the payment (you) bears all of the payment transaction fees!

Please also read the following important information regarding international money transfers:

The sending bank and receiving bank in an INTERNATIONAL payment transaction may charge a fee for processing the payment. Please take note, that the sender of the payment (you) bears all of the payment transaction fees that may incur when transferring money from an international bank account.

If you’re sending us money from abroad i.e. from a foreign bank account, you will be asked how you want any transaction fees to be managed. Within each payment specific codes are used by the sending bank to understand how any payment charges or payment fees should be handled. To avoid any problems with international bank transfer, we strongly suggest to select Paypal or Credit Card as your Payment Method instead of Bank Transfer.