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Spread with chick peas Organic, 125g

  • Spread with chick peas Organic, 125g
Spread with chick peas Organic, 125g
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Corresponds to CHF 2.96 / 100 g
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Spread with chick peas Organic, 125g

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General Vegan Label
German Organic Label
CH-Bio / EU-Bio
All products in our fabulous! Shop are vegan, lactose-free and manufactured without GMO.

Spread with chick peas Organic, 125g

Organic bread spread with chick peas and sesame oil.

Vegetable spread chickpeas & sesame oil - Arabic delicious. 100% organic

» 100% vegan
» gluten free
» Lactose free
» Only unhardened fats


Chickpeas * (31%), water, SESAME OIL * (11%), tofu * (water, SOYA *, firming agent: Nigari), onions *, carrots * (6.6%), nutritional yeast *, SELLERIE *, sunflower oil *, CASHEW SEEDS *, tomato paste *, vegetable broth * (sea salt, corn starch *, glucose syrup *, sunflower oil *, carrots *, onions *, parsnips *, turmeric *, ginger *, parsley *, nutmeg *, lovage *, bay leaves *, pepper *) , Sea salt, ginger *, thickener: locust bean gum *, coriander *, turmeric *, cumin *, fenugreek *, nutmeg *, pepper *, cinnamon *, mustard *, cardamom *, cayenne pepper
* = Ingredients from organic farming

Allergy Information:
not included: eggs, peanut, fish, crustacean, lupine, milk, mollusc, spelled, glutamate, oats, chicken, cocoa, kamut, cow's milk protein, lactose, milk protein, purine, beef, rye, salicylate, pork, vanillin

Traces possible: gluten, fructose, barley, hazelnut, coriander, macadamia nut, almonds, Brazil nut, pecan nut, pistachio nut, Queensland nut, umbelliferae, walnut, wheat

Contain: nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, soy, cashew nut, vegetables / legumes, yeast, corn, pepper, cinnamon

no: sulfur dioxide and sulfites> 10mg / kg
Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy value 861 kJ / 207 kcal
Total Fat 16,2 g
Carbohydrates 5,7 g
Protein 9,7 g
Product Details
Filling Quantity 125 g
Chilled product No
EAN 3184340071405

European Manufacturer


PuralThe Claus family has now decided already in the second generation of quality and celebrates with the acquired in 1992 own brand PURAL a 100-year anniversary The most significant step forward makes the company in 1992, when Heinz Claus, owner of the Claus health products service teams from Baden-Baden, and his daughter Ulrike recognize the potential of the brand and take over the company PURAL. Under the management of Ulrike Claus himself PURAL developed into an international company: It integrates numerous, valuable organic products in the food store brand PURAL, expanded their own cosmetic brand eubiona and founded the PURAL sales company. (translated by google)
Pural from Paris! Here are the first bakery products of our own brand developed around 100 years ago. Today's Pural Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1907 as a small bakery in Paris. The founder was a member of the Christian community of faith of the "Seventh-day Adventists." A part of this community is the nature-loving lifestyle through healthy eating. The products of the small bakery immediately found many friends and after a short time, the range could be extended.

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.
Available immediately!
7 available immediately