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*DISCOUNT: BBD 08.02.18* BOBEI baking without butter and eggs, 200g

  • *DISCOUNT: BBD 08.02.18* BOBEI baking without butter and eggs, 200g
*DISCOUNT: BBD 08.02.18* BOBEI baking without butter and eggs, 200g
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*DISCOUNT: BBD 08.02.18* BOBEI baking without butter and eggs, 200g

DISCOUNT: Product approaches sell-by date 08.02.18

BOBEI baking without butter and eggs.

The golden yellow powder, which consists of microalgae Chlorella, is the ideal alternative for the topic of vegan baking. Free from sugar, based on algae, pure, raw and good.


Chlorella microalgae flour
Energy value 2638 kJ / 630 kcal
Total Fat 50 g
- Saturated Fat 9 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
- of which sugar 1 g
Protein 8 g
Salt 0,05 g


(Translated by Google) about us Welcome to PureRaw! "PureRaw - natural" "raw" vegan "is a young company, launched in 2010 by Kirstin Knufmann. Their original idea was to persuade them of a larger circle of interested people, which they had only chosen for themselves at the time, and whose quality, from cultivation to harvesting, to processing. And the interest was great - the birthdays of "PureRaw"! In the meantime, the company offers over 240 different raw vegan foods and other products, all of which have been personally selected and often processed in loving handwork. Every day we eat, we "consume" each day ... - and thus have every day in our life the opportunity to take responsibility by carefully selecting the things we eat. Responsibility for ourselves and our well-being and responsibility for the resources, the environment and the coexistence on our planet. And here are the simplest things, as often are the best and most effective. Personal contact with the producers, careful processing and the shortest possible paths play an important role. The quality of the products speaks for itself. Taste, smell and feel it easy! And ... - "PureRaw" also offers suggestions, of course, concerning questions of preparation and applications. Because enjoyable food is above all one thing: fun!