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  • CHF 8.80
    Tooth Gel Vitamin B12 without fluoride Organic, 75ml Sante
    Sante Vitamin B12 Tooth Gel without fluoride. B12 definciency is a common problem of vegans and vegetarians and B12 supplemenation is recommended. The B12 in the toothpaste is absorbed through the mouth mucosa and regular use reduces a B12 deficie [...]
    CHF 8.80


    • 15 available immediately
  • CHF 8.80
    Toothpaste Vitamin B12 Organic, 75ml Sante
    The Vitamin B12 toothpaste from SANTE is an easy way to increase your B12 level. It also protects and treats your teeth and gums with a dentally tested complex of natrium fluoride, xylitol and organic sage. The combination of natrium fluoride and vit [...]
    CHF 8.80


    • 14 available immediately
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