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.★ Truffes de Champagne Organic, 105g

CHF 7.90


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.★ Truffes de Champagne Organic, 105g

Swiss chocolatier Schönenbergers organic Truffes de Champagne


Raw cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, cocoa mass *, rice glucose syrup *, palm oil *, GRAPPA * (40% by volume) 0.65%, SPARKLING WINE *, HAZELNUTS *, glucose *, water, sea salt, vanilla pod *.

*from controlled organic cultivation.

Cocoa: at least 32%

Allergy Information

Traces possible: peanut, gluten, cow's milk protein, lactose, almonds, milk, milk protein, pistachio, nuts, soy, vanillin, walnut, wheat

contain: fructose, hazelnut, cocoa
Nutritional values per
Energy value 2190 kJ / 524 kcal
Total Fat 34,1 g
- Saturated Fat 19,4 g
Carbohydrates 48,4 g
- of which sugar 39,2 g
Fibre 2,5 g
Protein 1,7 g
Salt 0,12 g


(translated by google) They still exist: Factories that produce the traditional craftsmanship of Swiss chocolate specialties! What is the secret that Switzerland is simply regarded as the "Chocolate Country"? Pioneering spirit, innovation, quality and reliability play a big role. Chocolat Schönberger does everything possible to uphold these traditions and the world's outstanding reputation of Switzerland as a country of production to maintain the finest chocolate products.

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.