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Xylit Jam with Organic Cherry, 220g

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Xylit Jam with Organic Cherry, 220g

Tautona jam with organic cherries. Sweetened with birch sugar (xylitol) from the birch bark.

The delicious, cherry jam - Made in Switzerland with organic cherries.


Organic cherries * (CH) 55%, xylitol (FL) 45%, pectin, acidifier: citric acid.

Allergy Information:
This product is gluten free
Nutritional values per
Energy value 550 kJ / 132 kcal
Total Fat 0.05 g
Carbohydrates 50 g
- of which sugar 4.9 g
Fibre 1.7 g
Protein 0.7 g


Tautona birch sugar has been around since 2010. The name Tautona means as much as golden lion and goes very well with birch sugar, because the birch sugar is very valuable and it is a good comparison. We started with the birch sugar, which was then made from corn, and changed it very soon to the tree sugar, which today is obtained from birch and beech tree sparingly. Back then, we followed the principle of delivering the best possible quality and wanted to live up to the name Birkenzucker. We then got the birch sugar from Finland and keep it that way today.