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Eco Nappies Night & Day Maxi 7-18kg

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Eco Nappies Night & Day Maxi 7-18kg

Tidoo Night&Day, our eco-friendly, anti-leak nappies
(50 pieces)

Nappies Size 4: Maxi 7-18kg

Because mums now want to combine safety and peace of mind with protecting the planet, TIDOO is launching Night&Day, its premium range of disposable, anti-leak, eco-friendly nappies made in France.

These easy-to-use TIDOO Night&Day disposable nappies will keep babies calm and mothers stress-free day and night for up to 12 hours!

Against your baby’s bottom is a soft hypoallergenic layer for extra gentle care and safety to prevent redness and nappy rash. With its low thickness, it drains the liquid towards the bottom of the nappy to fully trap it.

Thanks to their two double leakproof cuffs on the sides, Tidoo Night&Day nappies offer all-round extra support for unrivalled protection. Three elastic bands complete the system on each side. The breathable outer micro-perforated netting on the nappy offers total well-being for your baby’s skin, letting fresh air in without the risk of leaks.

Dermatologically tested, Tidoo Night&Day nappies offer gentle care for even the most sensitive baby skin types.

Tidoo Night&Day respects the environment

The main pad or layer is made mostly from FSC® chlorine-free cellulose or responsibly-sourced unbleached wood pulp.

The cotton wool used to support the main pad during production is 100% biodegradable;

The surface netting is made from 100% chlorine-free oxygen-bleached cellulose.Chlorine-free, fragrance-free and latex-free, TIDOO Night&Day is perfectly suited to even the most delicate and highly allergic skin types.



The numbers of consumers seeking natural and organic products are increasing. The most common reason for families taking interest, amidst multiple health related questions, is the arrival of a child. This concerns the baby’s daily nutrition and hygiene: areas where quality has to be immediately recognisable and not one factor neglected. That’s what led to the birth of Tidoo. Tidoo is a company created in 2013 by Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny and Killian O’Neill, both experienced in business and communication and sharing a passion for quality and sustainable products.