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Tofu Box XL

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Tofu Box XL

The Tofu Box : Home made Tofu, the easy way!

Tofu Box XL - Makes 1200g Tofu

The TofuBox is a quality product: made of prime grade European pine, joined with glue, rust-free copper nails and solid brass pins, and finished with food-safe, pure walnut oil. The box walls are 15 mm thick for durability.​

The Tofu Box kit includes:
» Handmade wooden Tofu Press,
» Cheese cloth,
» ​30g Nigari,
» Instructions.
» Just add Just add Soy Beans

Why homemade tofu?
Making tofu at home is easy and it brings you the true taste of tofu. Fresh tofu has a fragrant, slightly sweet and nutty flavour and a texture that you won’t find in an industrial product. Also, homemade tofu costs a fraction of the store-bought product, and let’s not forget that tofu processing also gives you okara, a precious by-product that you can use as a nutritious ingredient in your recipes.

The Tofu Box is a quality Tofu Kit for homemade tofu. Made with care and a pinch of pride, just like your own tofu.

» Japanese style, three piece tofu press
» Hand Made in London
» Solid design, built to last
» Just add Soy Beans
» Made with timber from sustainably managed forests
» Nut allergy warning: finished with walnut oil
» Measures: 23 x 17 x 12 cm

How to make your own Tofu with the Tofu Box

Watch the Video here:

For a firmer tofu: press the soya curd in the Tofu Box for 2-3 hours.

Keeping tofu: your homemade tofu can be kept in the fridge for a week: keep it in a closed container, covered with drinking water.
The water should be changed frequently, every day or, at least, every other day.
Your tofu can be also be frozen: it will became a bit "spongy" and it will be great for marinating.

Flavoured tofu. When the soya curd has formed (step 3), drain it well with a mesh and mix it up with your favourite flavouring: you can add hickory smoke powder for a bbq taste, nutritional yeast, miso powder, asian spices, mediterranean herbs; you can also add chopped olives, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeños, or or any other ingredient or seasoning you like. Then procede on pressing the product in the Tofu Box.

Okara is the soya pulp left from the filtered milk, it is a good source of fibre, minerals and proteins.You can use it in your baking, dry it in the oven and sprinkle it in your breakfast bowl, use it make vegetarian burgers, and more.

You can also prepare your tofu using store-bought fresh soya milk (in this case just jump to STEP 3).

You can also use your Tofu Box to press store-bought silken tofu, so obtaining firm tofu..

Tofu Box

Tofu Box

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from The Tofu Box, and I have a passion for tofu and wood crafting (and other things). I build your Tofu Box with care and pride, because I believe that you deserve a tool a bit special for your fresh homemade delicious tofu.