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Dog Dry Food Complete Greta Vegan Large Croquettes, 14kg

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Dog Dry Food Complete Greta Vegan Large Croquettes, 14kg

Vegan 4 Dogs Dry Food from Germany where Dogs say: YEAH!

» 100% vegan – No compromise
» Complete pet food for adult dogs.
» With stable, herbal Vitamin D3, which is registered by the Vegan Society.
» No soy, wheat und corn.

Vegan 4 Dogs Dry Food Greta: Complete Food – Large Croquettes

Developed in collaboration with experts from the field of pet nutrition it meets the nutritional requirements for a balanced diet for (vegan) dogs.

To provide your dog with energy, Greta comes with easily digestible rice in organic quality combined with potatoes.

The best of pea protein along with lentils, sunflower seeds and flax seeds provide your dog with protein for its maintenance metabolism.

Valuable canola oil complements the energy of the carbohydrates and provides strength.

Carrots and beet root refine Greta’s taste. Savory, papaya leaves and fructooligosaccharides support the digestion along with newly added horse chestnut. Cranberries encourage urine acidification. With the refined composition the algae Schizochytrium limacinum provides omega 3 fatty acids (DHA) and the leek has been replaced by lovage.

Sea salt and seaweed meal provide essential minerals and are optimally complemented by carefully chosen additives.

The calcium phosphorus ratio meets the ideal value of 1.3:1

Greta comes with the stable, herbal Vitamin D3, which is registered by the Vegan Society.

With L-carnitine and taurine as well as essential vitamins like B12 and minerals Greta is a complete and balanced food.

No soy, wheat und corn.


Rice (certified organic 24%: DE-ÖKO-005), potatoes (23%), pea protein (9.5%), rapeseed oil, potato protein, lentils, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, carrots, brewer's yeast, banana flour, beetroot, monocalcium phosphate , Seaweed lime, cranberries, sea salt, marjoram, savory, tomato powder, lovage, seaweed meal, horse chestnut, papaya leaves, fructooligosaccharides, Schizochytrium limacinum (rich in omega 3)

Analytical constituents and contents

22.00% crude protein
11.20% crude fat
2.60% crude fiber
5.70% crude ash
0.61% calcium
0.46% phosphorus
0.50% potassium
0.35% sodium
0.15% magnesium
1.24% lysine
0.45% methionine
0.37% cysteine

3380 kcal / kg (metabolizable energy)
Vegan 4 Dogs

Vegan 4 Dogs

Leni Delicious, Matthias and Eddie

I, Leni, live vegan since May 2012. Crucial my semester abroad was in Rio de Janeiro where I wanted to dive into the Brazilian way of life. That will not happen without Capoeira. And there I met the only vegan far and wide. I myself lived at the time already 16 years vegetarian and was impressed by how he mastered his life in this vegan meat affine country. He dragged me and already in Brazil I researched extensively vegan blogs from around the world. On the day of my return to Berlin reboot was sealed in the vegan life. When Eddie in December 2012, from the animal shelter came to us was clear that he would with change. At first I did with my dogs Most well machinations not told Eddie vegan living, just as I myself was asked if Eddie is gebarft (Rohfleischfütterung) because he has such a shiny coat and is fit, I have uncovered the secret. There was great astonishment that it can go to the dog on a vegan diet as well. Even Eddie's veterinarian is a vegan dog food skeptical but at the regular blood tests no complaints to be had reported. Eddie's health has shown positive development. When he came to us he had a very flaky skin and constantly had to scrape the skin is gradually become better and now he has a healthy skin with a shiny coat. His health is a top priority for me and home-cooked food is my passion. To cover all the nutrients of vitamins on trace elements and minerals needs, we developed V-Complete, the dietary supplement for dogs vegan diet 'Made in Germany', in collaboration with experts in dog nutrition. Leni and Eddie go with Matthias (hobby vegans) together vegan and fit through life.

GMO Statement

V-Complete is GM-free