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Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml

  • Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml
  • Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml
Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml
Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml
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Corresponds to CHF 5.95 / 100 ml
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Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml

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Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur, 200ml

Wildcare Dog Revitalizing Formula for Skin and Fur for your four legged friends - also suitable for puppies.

» 100% certified dog care / BDIH
» Vegan
» Gluten Free
» Without syntethic fragrance ingredients
» Without silicone, paraben and without ingredients on the basis of mineral oil


Wasser, Alkohol*, Glyceryl- Milchsäureester, Fettalkohol, Sojaöl*, Betain, Aloe Vera Saft*, Sorbitanstearat, Traubenkernöl, Inulin, Klettensamenöl*, Arginin, Glycerylmonooleat-Ester, Natriumlaktat, Milchsäure, Natriumcetearyl-Sulfat, Xanthan, Zuckerester, Zitronensäure, Aminosäurederivat, Vitamin E, Sonnenblumenöl*, Mischung äth. Öle**, äth. Ölinhaltsstoffe**.
*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
**natürliche ätherische Öle
Product Details
Filling Quantity 200 ml
Chilled product No
EAN 4037067060056

European Manufacturer


Wildcare(Translated by google) our philosophy Who shares his life with animals, feels every day the boundless love and gratitude that no longer requires our friendship. The fundamental element of a friendship is mutual trust. So we have made it our task to provide our friends with the best possible care in order to strengthen the trust relationship holistically. Because our four-legged health is in our own hands. For over 35 years, we have been trusting the forces of nature and, according to strict criteria, we are developing 100% certified natural cosmetics. With the first certified animal care series according to NPS, we close the existing gap between natural cosmetics products for bipedal and natural cosmetics-based animal care and offer all animal owners the opportunity to transfer their conscious life setting to their four-legged family member. To avoid contact with your pet, avoid chemical substances which irritate the natural lipid mantle as well as the mucous membranes and care for your animal as it would itself: with the pure powers from nature. Trust us and nature - out of love for your pet! Our values We are partners, Because we respect all partners in our supply chain and have an open ear for the wishes, suggestions, questions and complaints of our customers. We work customer and solution-oriented and maintain the two most important pillars of a partnership-based relationship: trust and fairness. We are product- and quality-oriented, Because we are striving for the best products for our beloved quadrupeds at the most affordable prices. The quality of our products is just as important to us as our continuous progress. All products are certified and are developed and produced according to the strict guidelines of NPS. We are innovative, Because we do not rest on the status quo. We see the striving for further development and optimization not as a challenge, but as a principle of our daily action. We compare ourselves and the actual state of our products constantly and go new ways to develop the optimal recipe. We have a heart for animals, Because we see our beloved quadrupeds as a full partner in our lives. Thus, we have set ourselves the task of developing natural products for our animals, which support the coexistence of humans and animals and contribute to animal health. We act in accordance with the motto: from nature to nature. We are authentic, Because we have succeeded as animal creatures to develop products according to our principles and values, behind which we are 100%. We have fun with what we do, as it gives us the opportunity to share our passion with other animal lovers. We live our brand - with heart and mind.
Available immediately!
1 available immediately