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  • CHF 2.95
    Baking Mix Falafel Gluten Free Organic, 160g Bauck

    Bauckhof Falafel gluten free, enough for about 16 falafel. Classic falafel balls, salad and pita or pita bread. Add vegan joghurt to it. This traditional recipe is fine-tuned with cumin, garlic, coriander and pepper. The base is a mixture of chickpea meal and chickpea flour for desired consis [...]

    CHF 2.95
    3 available immediately
  • CHF 4.95
    Falafel Classic Gluten Fre Organic 200g Pural

    Falafel Balls are deep-fried balls or made from ground chickpeas It's a traditional Arab food. 100% organic. When frying you will get the full aroma of the exquisite blend of spices and the aromatic chickpea unfolds.

    CHF 4.95
    4 available immediately
    This product can only be ordered in blocks of 2
  • New
    CHF 2.95
    Green Jackfruit in brine (pieces), 540g

    Green Jackfruit in brine (pieces) Net Contents: 540g Drained Weight: 324g Keep refrigerated in another container (glass/porcelain) after opening, for max 2 days.

    CHF 2.95
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 5.60
    Lupine Gyros Organic, 200g Alberts

    This is the best way of enjoying a healthy gyros with quality ingredients. 100% Organic Lupine is a high-protein grain legume that was probably first cultivated 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean area, according to Purdue University's Alternative Field Crops manual.

    CHF 5.60
    4 available immediately
  • CHF 5.95
    Vegan Gyros Organic, 200g Wheaty

    Wheaty Organic Vegan Gyros - A ready-to-eat meal according to its Greek example. Prepared by frying, this delicious crispy pleasure fulfills all wishes. Served with garlic sauce it's a mediteranian dream. Lactose-free, without eggs and super-tasty! Wheaty® products are generally suitable for fre [...]

    CHF 5.95
    11 available immediately
  • CHF 5.65
    Vegan Rosemary Roulade Organic, 175g Wheaty

    Wheaty Vegan Organic Rosemary Roulade. Let the good times roll – the vegan variant of the traditional dish! With a fine rosemary taste for Mediterranean feeling. Solid, savoury and firm to the bite. Fry briefly with a little oil in a pan or heat in sauce, then enjoy with potatoes and seasonal veg [...]

    CHF 5.65
    Cannot be ordered at this time.
    Supply bottleneck. This product will become available again approx as of 01.09.2017
  • CHF 6.10
    Vegankebab Basic Organic, 200g Wheaty

    The organic basic Vegankebab from Wheaty works as a universal base for many meat-based dishes - be they pan fried, cooked, or baked. Season or marinate to taste.

    CHF 6.10
    8 available immediately
  • CHF 6.50
    Vegankebab Döner Organic, 200g Wheaty

    Wheaty Vegankebab Döner Organic. Make your vegan kebab: Roast gently the Wheaty Kebab, possible ingredients are: tomatoes, onions, vegan tzatziki, cucumbers, flat bread or pita, or just garnish it on a plate... - yummy! Lactose-free, without eggs and super-tasty!

    CHF 6.50
    11 available immediately
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