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Egg Replacer EyWHITE Organic,

  • Egg Replacer EyWHITE Organic,
Egg Replacer EyWHITE Organic,

General Vegan Label
CH-Bio / EU-Bio
CHF 12.80


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Egg Replacer EyWHITE Organic,

Universal egg substitute purely herbal – natural & fresh! Makes voluminous and fluffly, especially cakes, beaten egg whites, meringues, soufflés, cream rolls and much more.


Maisstärke*, Lupinenmehl*, Maltodextrin*, Steinsalz, Gelbwurzpulver*, Schwarzsalz*, Geliermittel: Xanthan und Johannisbrotkernmehl*, Weißer Pfeffer gemahlen*, Aroma-Extrakt: Paprika. (* = aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau, EU / Nicht-EU Landwirtschaft)

Allergiehinweis: Kann Spuren von Gluten, Nüssen, Soja und Sesam enthalten.
Nutritional values per
Energy value 1428 kJ / 341 kcal
Total Fat 0,1 g
- Saturated Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 65,4 g
- of which sugar 0,6 g
Protein 19,1 g
Salt 3,0 g


(translated by google)
MyEy comes from Austria, based in Kufstein. In the meantime, give it a range of delicious meat and vegetable plants-dairy products, but with MyEy was the last "gap" closed - the vegan egg in a natural way.

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.