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  • CHF 3.95
    Chocolate Oat Drink Organic, 1l Oatly

    Oatly Organic Chocolate Oat Drink (1 Liter) Every kid’s favorite: chocolate milk — except there’s no milk! You are welcome mom. Our chocolate oat drink is full of oats instead and these oats contain protein and carbs and fibers and some healthy fat. And if that’s not enough we have enriched it wi [...]

    CHF 3.95
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 2.00
    Creamy Oat Cuisine Organic, 250ml Oatly

    Oatly Organic Creamy Oat Cuisine. It’s perfect for any type of cooking. Basically you can use this product instead of cream to convert any of your favourite recipes into something nutritiously fresh. This means you potentially have millions of ways to put this product to work for you (and generat [...]

    CHF 2.00
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 1.60
    Mini Drink Chocolate Oat Organic, 250ml Oatly

    Oatly Organic Chocolate Oat Drink with extra vitamins (D2, Riboflavin and B12) and calcium. The cocoa that we source is UTZ certified. This ensures it is subjected to sustainable farming practices and the farmers and their families are given fair working conditions, earn a fair wage and are conti [...]

    CHF 1.60
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 1.50
    Mini Drink Oat Calcium Organic, 250ml Oatly

    Oatly Organic Oat Drink Calcium. Ideal to take with you on your travels. Contains: 250ml

    CHF 1.50
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 3.85
    Oat Drink Vanilla Organic, 1l Oatly

    OATLY Oat Drink Vanilla Organic 1 Liter

    CHF 3.85
    14 available immediately
  • CHF 3.60
    Oat Milk Calcium Organic, 1l Oatly

    Organic OATLY Oat Milk with calcium , 1l It’s all in the oats. 100% organic oat drink enriched with calcium that perfectly replaces traditional milk, and contains no lactose. In its composition there is no sugar, preservatives and soybeans. In addition, it is delicious and 1 cup (250 ml) provides [...]

    CHF 3.60
    >15 available immediately
  • CHF 3.60
    Oat Milk Organic, 1l Oatly

    OATLY Organic Oat Milk , 1l This is our Oat Drink placed in an ambient packaging so that you can store it in room temp. It is a great go to product for just about everything and is loaded with a nutritional balance (protein, carbs, fibers and healthy fat in a balanced dose of each) that would mak [...]

    CHF 3.60
    >15 available immediately
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