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  • CHF 49.90
    OMEGA-life Vegan, 60 capsules Doetsch Grether AG
    OMEGA-life® Vegan 60 capsules OMEGA-life Vegan contains algae oil with a high proportion of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. OMEGA-life Vegan is the vegan alternative for vegetarians, vegans and people who dislike or are allergi [...]
    CHF 49.90


    • 4 available immediately
  • CHF 29.90
    Ovega3 life drink with DHA algae oil organic, 250ml energybalance
    energybalance Ovega3 life drink with DHA algae oil organic lime and astaxanthin. » Produced in Switzerland » Content: 250ml » With a tasty organic lemon flavor » Gluten Free Here's to everyone who wants to protect the fish population and pre [...]
    CHF 29.90


    • 2 available immediately
  • CHF 31.90
    Ovega3 life EPA+DHA algae oil, 60 VegeCaps energybalance
    enerbybalance Ovega3 life EPA+DHA algae oil » Produced in Switzerland » Content: 250mg » 60 VegeCaps (soft) » Gluten Free » 1 capsules contains 250mg active Omega 3 fatty acids DHA + EPA » 60 capsules contain 15g active Omega 3 fatty acids [...]
    CHF 31.90


    • 1 available immediately
  • CHF 24.95
    Vegan Omega-3 Capsules EPA & DHA Supplement, 60 Capsules Vegetology
    Opti3 – An Innovation in Vegetarian / Vegan Omega-3 EPA & DHA Nutrition. Vegan, Vegetarian & Fish Friendly :-) All we’ve done is cut fish out of the loop! Without boring you with the science, fish get their Omega-3 from eating algae. Based on [...]
    CHF 24.95


    • >15 available immediately
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