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Tofu FETO Natur Fermented Organic, 200g

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Tofu FETO Natur Fermented Organic, 200g

FETO Natural fermented tofu from Taifun.

The production of FETO is based on a traditional fermentation process, as used in Asia and Europe for centuries. The fermentation with vegan yogurt cultures gives the tofu a pleasantly sour touch and makes it easier to digest. There are lots of different ways to prepare FETO - FETO is an exciting ingredient in creative vegetarian cuisine.


Tofu* 98% (SOYA BEANS* 55%, water, coagulating agents: magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate), sea salt, vegan yogurt culture: Str. thermophilus.

* organically grown
Nutritional values per
Energy value 563 kJ / 135 kcal
Total Fat 7,6 g
- Saturated Fat 1,7 g
Carbohydrates 0,9 g
- of which sugar <0,5 g
Protein 15,3 g
Salt 2,0 g


Quality without compromise We want to manufacture the best tofu specialities − ecologically and fair How to attain the best quality? It's simple: we are close to our raw materials and the people who produce them. We use only the best ingredients. We have a rigorous attitude towards quality issues. Taste Tasty tofu specialities are the key to enjoying a vegan lifestyle. This is our mission and we do everything in our power to produce tasty food products with a high nutritional value. "Taifun is tofu fun" – clever and delicious. The very best ingredients For the benefit of the highest possible quality, only prime ingredients are used − and of this we are proud. Should the raw materials not meet our strict quality criteria, we do not hesitate to get involved in their creation and to develop them anew from the ground up. A current example is the effort we put into the ingredients of Tofu Basilico. An abiding theme is the great level of commitment to the cultivation of tofu soya beans in our region. Cooperation, control and optimisation We want to offer organic tofu that is free of genetic modification − and we have gone a long way to achieve this. We develop our own seeds and find partners in our region who, in cooperation with us, cultivate soya in Central Europe. Due to past experiences, we have introduced a multi-level control system for the soya we use, which guarantees its quality and that it is genetically unmodified. Starting with the basic seeds and ending with the delivered beans, we conduct a series of tests on genetic contamination before we use the beans to manufacture Taifun Tofu.

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.