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Der kleine Strolch Edelbert India Organic, 85g

  • Der kleine Strolch Edelbert India Organic, 85g
Der kleine Strolch Edelbert India Organic, 85g

General Vegan Label
CH-Bio / EU-Bio


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Der kleine Strolch Edelbert India Organic, 85g

Der kleine Strolch from Viana. A tasty vegan alternative to Cheese with curry.


Water, CASHEW (48 %), pineapple (2%), sea salt, mixed curry spices, natural vegan cultures

From controlled organic farming
Nutritional values per
Energy value 782 kJ / 189 kcal
Total Fat 15 g
- Saturated Fat 2,8 g
Carbohydrates 5,6 g
- of which sugar 0,8 g
Protein 6,9 g
Salt 0,95 g


We believe in Food Democracy. The philosophy is that every human should have the opportunity to get an entirely vegetarian product whenever and wherever he or she is hungry or thirsty (if it then comes from Tofutown, it's much more delicious and far healthier than something similar containing meat or dairy products). Today's consumers know that they shape their own future with their purchases. The food they purchase is produced - or bred - according to the amount they buy.

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.