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Dog Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes, 5pcs

  • Dog Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes, 5pcs
Dog Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes, 5pcs
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Dog Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes, 5pcs

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*NEW* Keeps for at least half a year after receipt.
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Dog Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes, 5pcs

Hownd Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes

» Contains 5 wipes
» Travel Size Pack

Does your dog like to roll in stinky stuff? Ever not wanted to put your pooch back into the car after a monster roll in the park? We’ve created a travel-size pack of emergency antibacterial dog wipes to take wherever you and stinky poochie go.

The pack contains 5 jumbo size (30cm x 20cm) pH-balanced wipes that are alcohol and paraben free, made with essential oils, aloe vera leaf juice and odour control ingredients that are gentle on your dog’s skin and coat, yet effective for wiping off fox poo, cow dung, mud, urine, slobber and all things smelly while you’re out and about. Super sturdy and double sided, they won’t tear in your hands.

You may still need to wash down your dog later in the day with our Yup You Stink! Conditioning shampoo – it just depends in what revolting substance your dog has rubbed itself!

This product is free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soap and dyes. It is safe to use with topical flea products.

Your beloved pooch has rolled in something stinky or just needs a bit of odour control! Open pack, remove a great smelling big wipe, reseal pack. Give your dog a rub down and leave coat to dry.


Aqua (water), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf juice, Polysorbate 20, Parfum, Orange, Coriander & Bergamot essential oils, Citronello, Limonene.
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Guaranteed Shelf Life: 180 days
*NEW* Keeps for at least half a year after receipt.
Filling Quantity 5 piece
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HOWNDA CRUELTY-FREE PLANET KIND BRAND FOR DOGS Since day one, when we made our first grooming products, we have been powered by plants, not animals. DRIVEN BY ETHICS, NOT PROFITS. Now we are taking the same founding principles and applying them to what is, by far, the worst offender in the pet sector - food. Making ethical shampoo was never going to change the world. But dog food? now that's something we can really get our teeth into. Nor is it acceptable for the pet food industry to be one of THE HIGHEST CONTRIBUTORS TO CO2, DEFORESTATION AND FRESH WATER USAGE. It's now proven dogs can thrive without cost to other animals or the environment. SO NOW WE'RE ON A MISSION to radically change the pet industy. It won't be easy. But with your help it will be a lot easier. Because we passionately believe we can and should SERVE OUR BEST FRIENDS BETTER. We have never deviated from our principles in the development of our products and we never will.
Available immediately!
4 available immediately