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Bamboo Childrens Table Wear Set ELK

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Bamboo Childrens Table Wear Set ELK

nuby Bamboo Childrens Table Wear Set ELK

Are you looking for an ecological alternative for plastic bowls for your children? Nûby™ just might have the solution. Discover our eco-friendly Bamboo and Maize Bowl set.

The Childrens Bamboo Table Wear Set contains:
1 x Plate Big (Diameter 21.5cm)
1 x Plate with extra high Border (Diameter 15.5cm)
1 x Mug
1 x Cutlery

nuby Bamboo Childrens Table Wear Set
» 6m+
» Eco-friendly
» Made from sustainable resources: Bamboo and Maize
» Available in moose, hedgehog, giraffe or elephant design.
» Dishwasher safe


Made from genetically untreated bamboo (50%) and corn (20%) and 30% melamine. The ingredients bamboo and corn are biodegradable.


Our filosophy At Nûby™ we strive on a daily basis to improve the well-being of baby's and toddlers worldwide by creating innovative, functional and fun products that provide a safe and healthy oral development.