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Wet Dog Food Voof "cowlove" vegan menue, 400g

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Wet Dog Food Voof "cowlove" vegan menue, 400g

Complete vegan feed for dogs

Wet Dog Food Voof "cowlove" vegan menue

If your dog loves conventional meat-based food, it will definitely love Cowlove. We joined hands with experts to develop this wet food based on vegan components. The first is a sophisticated composition of soya granules, beans, and chickpeas. This part gives your dog all the vital proteins. It also makes up the component that makes the food chewy, which is just as essential for your dog.

The second component contains all the important vitamins and minerals. It is made from crisp carrots, peas, apples, valuable nut oil, watercress, and vitamins. These two components give you a complete feed in premium quality for your dog. It is 100% vegan and contains all the nutrients that an adult dog needs to lead a healthy life.


Composition: Soy granules, kidney beans, chickpeas, millet, carrot, apple, rutabaga, rapeseed oil, pea protein, hemp seed, nut oil, vitamin supplement, watercress, barley malt extract, calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents
Proteine 8%, Fat content 5%, Crude ash 3%, Crude fibres 3%, Moisture 63%, Calcium 0,26% : Phosphor 0,19%

Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin A 4.500IE, Vitamin D3 640IE, Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopheryl-acetat) 18mg, Vitamin B1 1,2mg, Vitamin B2 3,5mg, Vitamin B6 1,2mg, Vitamin B12 35mcg, Nicotinsäure 5,5mg, Pantothensäure 12mg, Folsäure 0,2mg, Cholinchlorid 1.300mg, L-Carnitin 550mg, Taurin 550mg, Methionin 3.500mg, Threonin 840mg, Tryptophan 280mg, Valin 700mg, Eisen (Eisenglycin) 3,9mg, Kupfer (Cu(II)-sulfat,Pentahydrat) 1,5mg, Zink (Zinkoxid) 30mg, Selen (Natriumselenit) 0,15mg, Jod (Calciumjodat) 0,5mg
Voof Veggie Dogs

Voof Veggie Dogs

(Translated by Google) Voof - Veggie Dogs There have always been dogs in my life. My family had dogs and, when I moved out, I also got a faithful companion on four paws. Life with a dog is so rich, full of joy and gratitude. Loriot put it very aptly in relation to his favorite breed: "A life without a pug is possible, but meaningless." Eventually my dog ​​died and I spent a long time arguing with me if a new dog could take its place. At the same time, my conviction grew that I wanted to do something good for all dogs. I wanted to thank them for all the loyal hours they spend with their owners. In general, a great change of heart took place at this time. Through various films and readings, my view of life as a human became quite different. Gradually, I clearly saw the acute problems of our ecosystems. I saw how we gradually destroy the planet and through our behavior, the animals in the short and long term affect. Vegetarian life was no longer enough for me. I turned my life vegan. Vivi In my endeavor to do good to all animals, of course, my new dog should get vegan dog food. Knowing that it was best for him, I tried different products that the market had to offer. But I always missed something for my future four-legged friend: On the one hand, I prefer to feed wet food. On the other hand, my poor dog on the vegan wet food should have his chewing experience to be visibly happy. So I decided to develop even a wet food that is not only vegan, but also has a pleasant bite. This would have created not only my expectant, but also your four-legged friend a real alternative to conventional dog food: Voof! We can decide anew for a positive future of our planet every day. Especially as an animal lover I see myself in the special responsibility to think also of the life of the animals in their natural habitats. With Voof Nassfutter you decide every day to preserve this natural environment. With kind regards Viviane Canci Ritzenberger Founder of voof