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Veganslices Red Bell Peppers, 100g

  • Veganslices Red Bell Peppers, 100g
Veganslices Red Bell Peppers, 100g

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Veganslices Red Bell Peppers, 100g

Gut Wudelsteins very tasty veganslices Red Bell Peppers.

The gluten-free cold cuts with Red Bell Peppers (Paprika) from Gut Wudelstein have instantly become a true hero in the world of vegan food - hearty, tasty and versatile!

Content 100g

Please note Shelf Life:
Because of a gentle refining process, this product is delivered to us with a short shelf life.
Therefore the shelf life of this fresh product mays be less than 7 days.


Water, rapeseed oil (12%), soya protein, thickener: carrageenan, konjak, guar gum & carob gum, salt, pea protein, spices, spice extracts, flavor (contains mustard), coloring food: beetroot & currant, preservative: potassium sorbate
Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy value 627,5 kJ / 150 kcal
Total Fat 11,5 g
- Saturated Fat 1 g
Carbohydrates 3 g
- of which sugar 3 g
Protein 7,5 g
Salt 0,10 g