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Menstrual Cup MEDIUM Selenacup

  • Menstrual Cup MEDIUM Selenacup
Menstrual Cup MEDIUM Selenacup
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Menstrual Cup MEDIUM Selenacup

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Menstrual Cup MEDIUM Selenacup

Selenacup menstrual cup size MEDIUM

Menstrual cups: The hygienic, environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins. In contrast to tampons and bandages, however, the menstrual fluid is not absorbed, but collected in the cup - up to three times the amount. When the cup is full, it is emptied, rinsed with water and replaced.

SELENACUP is an Austrian quality product made from:

» Highest quality, medical silicone for exclusive use in medicine
» Without chemicals and plasticizers
» Antiallergenic
» Latex free
» Perfume free

Conventional tampons and sanitary napkins, on the other hand, are made using bleached cotton, rayon, polyester and various perfumes.

SELENACUP is easy to use, you do not see it, you can not feel it and it can be used for several years if properly cared for and used.

» Menstrual cup
» Cleaning container
» Cotton bag
» Manual (German only)

Product Details
EAN 9120044181297
Container size 5

European Manufacturer


Selenacup(Translated by Google) SELENACUP was developed and designed in Austria. The medical silicone for the cup comes from our partner Wacker Ag in Munich.
Available immediately!
2 available immediately