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Soap Bar Aleppo Original 100% biodegradable, 200g

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Soap Bar Aleppo Original 100% biodegradable, 200g

Aleppo Original Soap Bar 100% biodegradable

Aleppo soap is the world's oldest soap and a pure natural product made of fine olive oil and laurel oil. For 4.000 years, Syrian artisans have made soap bars of olive- and laurel oil. A renowned natural product and a cultural pride of Aleppo.

This traditional formula contains no colours, parabenes or perfume. Aleppo soap supports your skin's own balance, making it suitable for all skin types.

The ingredients are set to dry for up to nine months. During the drying process, the soap turns from green to its distinct beige colour while preserving its natural antibiotic qualities.

The laurel oil is an effective cleanser that, together with olive oil, helps to purify and nourish your skin.


Pure olive oil with 20% laurel oil