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Candles Pack of 12 Dinner Candle 2,2 x 21cm Ivory

CHF 28.80


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Candles Pack of 12 Dinner Candle 2,2 x 21cm Ivory

Eubiona Organic Stearin Dinner Candle

Content: Pack of 12 candles
Dimension: 2,2 x 21cm
Color: Ivory


100% Organic vegan stearin


(translated by google) "My personal goal is to integrate environmental protection ideas into all areas of our lives and to implement them consistently. At eubiona-Biokosmetik, we trust in the special quality of exclusively natural active ingredients and keep in mind that all ingredients are also completely broken down. Ulrike Claus, Managing Director, eubiona The name eubiona is borrowed from the Greek "eubios" for "good", "well". Eubiona stands as a short form for "biologically" and "environmentally friendly" as well as "natural". From the beginning, the name eubiona also includes the high personal commitment of the people who first develop the trading company, then the products and finally the brand eubiona.