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Almond Milk unsweetened Organic, 1l

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Almond Milk unsweetened Organic, 1l

Provamel natural almond drink - unsweetened and made from european almonds.

Nuts about almonds? You'll love the delicate roasted taste of our new almond unsweetened Drink made with European sourced almonds. Soft texture with no sugars, but bursting with the taste of almonds. Try it straight from a glass or in your daily coffee.

A tasty dairy free blend of water and organic european almonds for a refreshing drink.

#Vegan Recipe Idea
Savoury Samoas

Ingredients for 4 people
» 1/3 cauliflower
» 100 g peas
» A piece of ginger of about 4 cm (grated)
» ½ l Provamel Almond drink unsweetened
» ½ tsp turmeric
» ½ tsp garam masala
» 1 pinch of nutmeg
» 1 pack of vegan filo
» Groundnut oil
» Pepper & salt

Preparation: 60 min
1 Peel the potatoes and cut them in small cubes. Boil in salted water and strain.

2 Parboil the peas in lightly salted water and strain.

3 Put the potatoes, peas and cauliflower in a bowl together with the rest of the ingredients (except for the filo and the oil). Mix well. When the mixture is dry you can add a couple of tbsp of the cauliflower’s cooking juice.

4 Cut the filo in long strips of about 8cm wide.

5 Fill the filo with a nice heap of filling and fold the dough in a small triangle. Continue to fold till the end of the dough. Cover the triangles with a little bit of oil and bake in a pan or oven until golden brown.

5 Serve 3 samosas on a bamboo skewer


Water, European almond* (5%)*, sea salt, stabiliser (gellan gum)
* = organically grown/produced

Allergy Information:
May contain traces of hazelnuts, macadamia and cashew
Nutritional values per
Energy value 125 kJ / 31 kcal
Total Fat 2,9 g
- Saturated Fat 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 0,2 g
- of which sugar 0,2 g
Fibre 0,6 g
Protein 0,8 g
Salt 0,09 g


1983 FOUNDING OF PROVAMEL 1997 LAUNCH OF SOY YOGURT ALTERNATIVES ext to soy drink and desserts, Provamel starts commercializing soy yogurt alternatives 2010 PROVAMEL BECOMES A PLANT-BASED SPECIALIST By launching almond, hazelnut, rice-coconut, rice-almond & other plant-based drinks. 2010 PROVAMEL HAS A CO2 NEUTRAL PRODUCTION PROCESS The production of Provamel products becomes fully CO2 neutral 2013 PROVAMEL CELEBRATES ITS 30TH ANNIVERSARY

GMO Statement

Organic products are produced without genetic engineering. The use of genetically modified organisms or their derivatives is prohibited in organic farming and processing and contradicts the self-understanding of the organic industry.